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HydoPeptide® is formulated for all skin types, is cruelty-free, paraben-free and phthalate-free.

HydroPeptide® is a power-packed, award winning, anti-aging collection honored with over 30 beauty awards in the last few years and gaining a cult-like following. These awards include

  • - Best Cosmetics Brand of the Year
  • - International Innovation Award
  • - Defy-Your-Age-Beauty-Award for "Best Day Cream with SPF" and "Best Skin Refresher"

HydroPeptide® takes the most ad-vanced, scientifically proven skin care elements and simplifies the beauty routine, addressing a wide range of skin care concerns in just a few steps that feel like a luxurious spa experience. While HydroPeptide® innovates with the latest advancements in anti-aging technologies, peptides are their driving force, nour-ishing and rejuvenating skin without down-time or irritation. This collection currently includes over 30 different peptides that strengthen, nourish, rejuvenate and visibly defy age, resulting in skin that looks better and acts younger. From the most recent breakthroughs to time-tested skin care remedies; HydroPeptide® is formulated for all skin types, is cruelty-free, paraben-free and phthalate-free.

HydroPeptide® are dedicated to bringing you the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies for unparalleled results while also offering a luxurious spa experience. We understand the process of reviewing a new skin care line can be challenging and seem daunting at times. We’d like to make the process as uncomplicated as possible. HydroPeptide support you with award-winning, VLR Technology beautifully formulated in high-performance, anti-aging products that deliver visible results without causing harm to the skin or requiring down-time. The products and facials are loved by many for the high-powered results, but also the luxurious experience. As you apply the products, they are not sticky or tacky, they don’t rub off with makeup and they smell fresh with natural extracts that don’t overwhelm. HydroPeptide is simple to understand for the clients, with under 20 retail skus that can be customised perfectly for all skin types while addressing a broad range of anti-aging, skin care concerns.

Hydropeptide was developed by Dr Louise Peck PhD. Former President of American Dietetics Association, Retired Director of Dietetic Internship and Professor of the Nutritional Science Program at the Department of Epidemiology, University of Washington and renowned PhD of both Nutition and Proteins. This makes her one of the world's foremost authority when speaking about skin and the aging process and ensures that her products are backed up with both expertise and scientific fact.

The HydroPeptide philosophy and approach to skincare is a multi-functional one with a simple 6 step skin key:

Purify andd exfoliate your skin with the use of alpha hydroxy acids, enzymes, zince, magnesium and copper

Relax with Botox-like peptides that reduce wrinkle causing muscle contractions

Nourish your skin with amino acids, vitamins and minerals

Stimulate cell communication with peptides for increased collagen and hair growth

Hydrate and condition the skin with hyaluronic acid, glycerin and ceramides

Protect skin from collagen breakdown and DNA damage with antioxidants

There are a number of reasons why you will love using HydroPeptide. HydroPeptide is leading the way in anti-aging and peptide based skin care technology, it treats a number of skincare issues in as few products as possible. HydroPeptide uses only the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Beauty Editors all around the world love HydroPeptide for the results it brings and for the fact it is dermalogically tested to ensure no irritation is felt by its users.

So what are Peptides? How do the work and why are they so effective?

Peptides are the biochemical building blocks of the body, a chain of 20 natural amino acids that make-up the code of life. The functions of All living cells and organsisms are controlled by the amino acids. These amino acids play a huge part in our body's protein, in particular collagen and elastin which form and effect how we age. The easiest way to understand how Peptides work is if you cut your finger you break collagen and elastinfibres, at the end of these are a combination of amino acids or peptides, these then send out a chemical signal to repair and regenerate the wound.

The peptides used in Hydropeptide products mimic this in that they send a chemical signal out to these fibroblasts in your body signalling your skin to produce collagen, firm and regenerate itself. Science literally meets Beauty! Aging is basically your collagen and elastin losing its structure which in turn means it loses it firmness. Hydropeptide products reverse this by encouraging the skin to replace dead cells and regnerate itself.

Hydropeptide contains 21 specially selected Peptide at clinical concentrations. The comprise of Neuro inhibitor transmitting, enzyme inhibitors and signal and carrier peptides that repair and prevent ageing, lift and plumps out wrinkles, diminishes dark circles and clears uneven and break out skin. The range also employs the multifunctional abilities of many antioxidants that not only protect against free radical damage and protect your DNA and collagen, but also possess the ability to brighten your skin, hydrate, reduce inflammation and increase collagen. The final weapon in the Hydropeptide range is the use of plant stem cell technology, groundbreaking and scientifically proven Hydropeptide employs 6 innovative plant stem cells in it's collection of products.