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Enamels Creative Nail Design colours are actually made of enamel, not polish. Why is enamel so much better? It gives improved coverage and better wearability. The colours are also thixatrophic which makes them consistently free-flowing, no matter how long you keep them. £9.95

Northern Lights Apply over any nail colour or nail enhancement and watch the magic happen. A dazzling prism of three dimensional accents adds mesmerising depth and brilliance beyond compare. In Silver or Gold. £11.95

SolarOil® Labelled as the miracle manicure in a bottle. Solar Oil is the therapist's must-have product. Sweep this oil across your nails and you'll know why every nail and beauty expert swears by it. A rejuvenating blend of jojoba, rice bran and sweet almond oils infused with the power of vitamin E, penetrate deeply in to cuticles and nails to prevent them from becoming brittle and to promote healthy nail growth. £5.50 (¼oz), £9.95 (½oz)

SolarBalm All of the same benefits of original SolarOil in a think emollient formula. Use on cuticles, lips, heels, elbows...anywhere extra moisture is needed. A handy travel friendly alternative to SolarOil. £9.95

SolarSpeed SprayTM Quickly dries enamel while moisturizing the nail and the cuticle area and imparting a pleasant almond fragrance. It draws out solvents from the enamel layers for an instant and guaranteed set whilst enabling you to walk out of the salon within moments after a manicure or pedicure with dry workable nails. £5.95 (1oz)

SolarSilk An ultra-rich hand and body lotion that penetrates the skin while sealing in valuable moisture. £13.95

Scentsations Hand & Body Wash 8.3oz are a collection of aromatherapeutic hand and body washes which leave your skin refreshed and delicately scented. Ideal for use with the Hand and Body Moisturisers with a choice of 11 scents. £6.95

Scentsations Hand & Body Lotion 8.3oz are a collection of aromatherapeutic hand and body moisturisers with a harmonious balance of scents that quickly absorb into the skin, leaving it soft, refreshed and delicately scented. Each lotion contains Vitamins A and E and aloe vera for extra moisturising. Creative Scentsations are scentsational for the mind and body...soothe the body and the senses with a choice of 11 scents. £12.95

Cuticle Eraser An intensive daily treatment that contains four different alpha hydroxy acids (A.H.A.'s). It naturally dissolves the bond between dead skin cells removing them to reveal tight and healthy tissue. £9.95

Rejuvenator Copper helps restore the skin's ability to repair itself and aids in collagen and elastin development, helping to increase elasticity and firmness of the skin. Peptides, a protein carrier that bonds to the copper and creates a complex that penetrates deeply into the skin. Allantoin provides soothing skin protection from damaging environmental elements. Panthenol and Aloe act as powerful moisturisers. £9.95

Cucumber Heal Therapy This rich restorative heel cream contains a moisture intensive complex of aloe, allantoin, panthenol and urea to aid in the repair of dry, damaged skin. Camomile moisturises and acts as a natural anti-irritant and anti-inflamatory. while cucumber soothes and refreshes. £18.50 (4oz), £2.95 (15gm mini)