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What is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is an old beauty technique, thought to have originated in India and now very popular in the UK. Beauty therapists use a length of twisted cotton thread, holding it tightly between both hands and their teeth, and moving it rapidly across your brows to pull out stray hairs. Threading is excellent for creating eyebrow shapes, removing hairs from upper lips, chin, cheeks, jaw and neck. A gentle motion is performed using a cotton thread, pulling the hair out with only slight discomfort

The technique can allow the therapist to pluck a row of hair, so the finish can be straighter and sharper than it would be with individual plucking or waxing. The thread is also able to pick up very fine hairs that you might miss with tweezers.

Does Threading Hurt?

Unfortunately there's no consensus on this - it depends on how sensitive you are in that area, so it's best to try it for yourself. One thing's for sure though: threading is very quick, so if you have a lot of stray hairs, it's a good way to get the process over with as quickly as possible